What are sew in hair extensions

If you’re thinking about adding hair extensions, there are many things to think about. Hand-tied wefts can be an alternative. Sew-in hair extensions are a different option. Sew-in hair extensions can be used to increase length or volume.

Hand-tied wefts

Sew-in hair extensions hand-tied are a popular choice. These extensions are great for people with thin hair as they are flexible and not bulky. Weft extensions tied with a hand are an excellent option for those who wish to avoid damaging their own hair.

Sew-in hair extensions have been an old-fashioned fashion. They have recently gained popularity in part due to social media and the growing use of these products by celebrities and major influencers. Many clients don’t know the distinction between hand-tied and machine-made wefts. This is because most stylists mistake machine made wefts with hand-tied extensions.

Hand-tied wefts can take between 1.5 and three hours to apply. Wefts tied by hand last between six and eight months based on their density. If you plan to wear the wefts that you hand tied in your hair, be sure to follow these guidelines for proper care. When washing, be sure to wash the wefts gently. Also, avoid putting them in a pile-up style.


Sew-in hair extensions may be extremely costly. Virgin hair is the most costly type of hair extension. It is made completely from human hair. It has not been chemically treated and is believed to be healthier than natural hair. However it isn’t easy to beat, and the price could be up to $300 for a full head of hair.

Sew-in hair extensions can be very expensive, so it’s a good idea to do some research before making your decision. Before you make a decision, consult your stylist about the costs. Your stylist should discuss the maintenance schedule and the timeframe with you. They’re expensive, however, they will allow your natural hair to grow long and healthy.

Tape in hair extensions is another option that is popular. These extensions consist of segments of hair bonded to double-sided keratin tape. The tape is around 2 inches in width and is applied by a stylist near the scalp. The stylist then covers the extensions and sandwiched the hair between them for an elegant look. Hair extensions that are taped-in are easy to put on and are priced at a fraction of the cost of traditional hair extensions. In addition to being quick to put in the extensions, they also lie flat underneath the hair you have.


Sew-in hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colors. These extensions are made of the same type of thread that is used in natural hair. Hottie Hair is a reputable company that sells these hairpieces. It is a good idea, before you pick the hairpiece you wish to purchase, to read reviews of customers and star ratings. This will help ensure that you are dealing with a reliable company. Also, consider the experience of the hair extension stylist before making a final decision.

Properly care will improve the longevity of sew-in extensions. To keep your hair extensions looking fresh, brush and shampoo your hair regularly. These hairpieces can last up to two or three months. If you decide to get another set, get the hairdresser to take off the previous one and then let it rest for a couple of weeks.

It isn’t easy to wash sew-in hair extensions. Because they remain in the hair, they can build up buildup and bacteria. You could cause damage to your extensions if you aren’t careful. It is essential to select an experienced stylist to avoid this. Also, inform your stylist if your hair is feeling tight. Ask your stylist for suggestions on how to care for your hair extensions. The more you know the better your experience.


It is vital to clean and detangle sew-in hair extensions to ensure their longevity. Make sure to apply a conditioner that is gentle enough for natural hair. This conditioner is made from natural ingredients and can improve your hair’s luster. Additionally, a protective style can protect your hair’s natural texture during styling with heat. To ensure the safety of your hair extensions, you should always use the protection of heat when showering or bathing.

Your hair extensions should last between six and eight weeks. After this period has ended the time has come to remove your sewn-in hair extensions. You’ll need to return at the salon to put back your sew-in hair extensions. The sew-ins must be removed and then re-installed within six to eight weeks. Based on the type of extensions that you have You can decide to get new ones or change your style often.

To ensure your sewn-ins last for a long time, it is recommended that you shampoo your hair at least twice every week. This will reduce the likelihood of matting and reduce the chance of premature degradation. The product you select should be sulfate-free. You should find your hair easy to manage and soft. You should also detangle your hair before washing it to avoid breakage.