Types of hair extensions for beginners

For those who are new to the world of buying hair extensions can be a daunting task. Superhairpieces has put together a comprehensive guide to help beginners navigate the process of purchasing hair extensions online. This guide will provide information on the various kinds of hair extensions available and how to select the right selection for your needs.

Clip-in hair extensions

These are some guidelines to help you start with hair extensions. Clip the weft’s front. Then, backcomb the hair to hide the track, which will give your hair volume, fullness and lift. You can also lightly backcomb your hair to cover the extensions and conceal any tracks, too.

Clip-in extensions are easy to use, but you’ll need a little bit of practice to get the right appearance. Before you clip in your extensions you should lightly backcomb your hair. You can also apply hairspray on the roots to create a cushion for the clip to rest in. After that, begin applying extensions at the back of your head.

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are the most well-known kind of hair extension. When compared to synthetic hair they are more natural and can be styled to look like hair you have. Furthermore, human hair can last for many years, sometimes a year or more. Although synthetic hair is less expensive, it may be damaged and not last as long of time as real hair.

Human hair is the weakest when it is damp therefore be cautious when blow-drying your hair extensions. This can cause damage to the tape that binds the extensions to your hair. It could also result in hair that is tangled and puts pressure on your scalp. Instead, you can let your hair dry naturally to prevent the heat from damaging your hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions do not contain human hair. They are instead made of polyfilament fibers such as Nylon Modacrylic, Nylon, or polyester. They can be dyed in various colors and mimic human hair’s texture and style. Synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair, and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Synthetic hair can be harmful as well as beneficial. You must ensure that the hair is safe and clean under. Synthetic hair can be susceptible to bacteria and fungus therefore it is crucial to thoroughly clean it in order to keep it from causing damage to your natural hair. Itching from fungus can lead to scalp inflammation, and even hair shedding. Regular application of a cleanser will help to reduce the chance of damaging your hair’s natural.

Hair extensions that are taped in

Hair extensions that are taped-in are the perfect choice for those who want an easy and quick method to create a full and thick look. These hair extensions can be made from both human and synthetic material. The procedure involves applying two strips of hair extension material onto natural hair, then sandwiching tiny pieces of hair between them. These extensions are excellent because you don’t need to heat your hair, which could cause damage to your hair’s natural strands.

First, you should make sure your hair is dry and clean. The best way to do this is to wash your hair at night prior to bed. Hair that is damp will be more difficult to hold and extensions will easily fall out. Separate your hair into sections after having washed it. This will enable you to work more quickly. Once you have separated your hair into manageable sections , lift a small portion of hair and then place the hairpiece underneath it. The piece should be 3-4mm away from the scalp. After the piece has been secured by the tape, you can apply it to extend it. Place it in place for no more than 48 hours.


Microbead extensions are an excellent option because they are easy to use and won’t move once they’re installed. They also tend to last longer of time than other types of hair extensions. They can also be used again so you can experiment with various colours or hairstyles. You can also create your own unique look using microbeads by selecting from a variety of colors.

Before you begin, you’ll want to clean your hair thoroughly and separate the hair strands. Then use a clip hold the top layer of hair. This will allow you to access the hair strands below. After that insert the needle into the I tip tube and into your hair. Then, you’ll make use of the pliers for attaching the microbeads to hair.

Hair extensions made of Fusion

If you’re looking for ways to improve your appearance then fusion hair extensions could be a great option. They are comprised of individual strands of keratin-tipped hair that are joined to the hair’s roots through a bonding process that is activated by heat. These strands may then be formed and styled like your hair. The keratin bond will last between three and six months, however you can extend the duration by following proper maintenance and maintenance instructions.

Fusion hair extensions aren’t difficult to put on and take off however, you must make sure to do it with the help of a professional. The hair and extensions may be damaged if applied by an unlicensed or professional stylist. However, if you’re comfortable with your skills, you can attempt to apply extensions at home with the assistance of an expert.